203月 2017




What Inforvellor can offer you

The worldwide consulting services industry generates about $430 billion in revenue annually, according to shipment data statistics. This represents a reasonable growth from $415 billion during the previous year.

However, in recent years, corporate profits in general grew dramatically, meaning that executives are now more willing to authorize new consulting projects as long as they see the potential for a good return on the cost. The US and Europe are the largest markets for custom data services. Thus, many new investors, new entrepreneurs, as well as both small and middle sized multinational corporations are seeking more business opportunities in global import & export data.

Investors, new entrepreneurs, small sized multinational corporations, and middle sized multinational corporations are Inforvellor’s primary clients. Inforvellor works with business models that attract customers and get signed contracts. The business size can be small because the cost per month is very low, but custom data services can be scaled up to meet the needs of huge clients due to the focus and expertise of the business.

Inforvellor offers full range custom data services to individuals or corporations which are interested in conducting business activities in 22 countries including but not limited to China, Japan, India, Russia, etc. Many of our services are customized for each client and a bidding process is observed. In order to build a highly efficient business model and provide high quality global import export trade data to its clients, Inforvellor also built a membership website to provide online business consultations to its clients. Inforvellor tracks nearly 730,000 active traders, which allows its detailed reports to continue expanding daily.

Using unified service specification strategies, Inforvellor provides customers with professional, sincere, and comprehensive services designed to fully meet customer demand for differentiated shipment data.

Inforvellor’s competitive edge is our wide range good global trade data services provided at reasonable prices. We utilize our parent company’s connections with the Chinese Custom Department, which provides the company with comprehensive foreign trade analysis to conduct an accurate marketing trend for a wide range of industries.

Inforvellor is committed to providing timely, stable, accurate, and professional custom data services. Through unique data sources, fast updates, and affordable prices, we will provide you with tailored and easy to use forrign trade analysis to help expand your businesses.

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