China export trade data

China export trade data is analysis tool of foreign trade import and export trade authority in China, China  export goods analysis report, provides the specific commodity import and export of various reports, is a good tool for enterprises to carry out market analysis. The market analysis of foreign trade export enterprises can according to different requirements, custom-made for your service.

china exports statistics

Inforvellor’s China Export Database helps you quickly understand all of China’s suppliers, keep abreast of price changes, reduce procurement costs, provide supplier background research, pay close attention to competitors.


National wide

A comprehensive inclusion of China and the world more than 200 countries all the products import and export transaction statistics.

Dynamic and timely

According to the official data release time, the monthly and timely provision of the previous month and the previous data, real-time updates to ensure that time.


Direct delivery of buyers information, excluding the interference of competitors

Accurate and true

Relying on customs strict monitoring standards, accurate to provide detailed information on each HS export.

china exports statistics value

China export database provides shipping information from China to the world, making it a very competitive advantage in the global market. China export database helps companies tap new buyers and suppliers.


Monitor peer

You are concerned about peers for dynamic monitoring, track their every trade data, so as to understand the opponent's business structure, production and operation situation, the supply frequency and cycle.

Analysis of the market

The product of you are concerned about the global market positioning, accurate understanding of the global each country purchase amount, purchase quantity, purchase price.

To know the price

You are concerned about product prices for dynamic monitoring, understand the peer delivery price change, analysis of the product price change trend, occupy the active position in and customer negotiations.