China import trade data

Inforvellor provided by China’s import data based on the 8 HS code, according to the country of origin, trade quantity, amount, etc. To analyze industry import dimension, macro analysis of one kind of commodity foreign trade situation, help enterprise market positioning, evaluating market share, etc.

China Import trade data Date, company name, customs and encoding, product description, amount, country, mode of transport, quantity, unit price, trade type, trade mode, transit country, customs port, enterprise encoding, receiving and shipping, unit of measurement, telephone, fax, e-mail, contacts, the nature of the company, address.

china imports statistics

China import data analysis system consists of data query, trading trend analysis report, enterprise value analysis report and port analysis report, the state of analysis report, can assist foreign trade enterprises to locate precisely the Chinese market and macro grasp the overall market.


What can China import data do for you?

Through accurate analysis of the import and export of Chinese products, help you master the global market dynamics,

Lock up high profit market, monitor the import and export situation of peers, find foreigns.


Monitor peer

You are concerned about peers for dynamic monitoring, track their every trade data, so as to understand the opponent's business structure, production and operation situation, the supply frequency and cycle.

Analysis of the market

The product of you are concerned about the global market positioning, accurate understanding of the global each country purchase amount, purchase quantity, purchase price.

Increase customer loyalty

Through comparison analysis of customer transaction records, found buyers focus, find problems of its own products, delivery, improvement and adjustment, better communication with the buyer, to regain the customer's approval.

China import data hotspot issues

In the process of using Chinese import data, please call the service hotline: + 1 3019821900, Inforvellor glad to serve you!

The eight customs data contains what

Eight customs data, also known as eight customs statistics, eight customs data includes: import and export, customs code, name of commodity, monthly, enterprise code, company name, country of origin, quantity, amount, unit price, destination, transit countries, customs ports, trade mode, the mode of transportation, the measuring unit, telephone, fax, post code, E-mail address, contact, enterprise nature, and other information.

What is the price of the customs statistics?

The import refers to the CIF price (that is, CIF), and the export refers to the FOB price.

8 customs data provided by means and time

8 customs data:

On 25-28 each month, the monthly data is provided, such as the holiday.

8 customs data:

Log on to the data platform and check the data.

What are the advantages of the China import and export analysis report?

• develop a scientific marketing strategy

• evaluate the feasibility of new product launch or new market development

• develop effective pricing strategies in different markets

• monitor competitors’ trade characteristics and business trends

Why is it that in the statistical information of the query, the number of items is 0, and the dollar value is not 0?

In the results of the statistics we provide, if the quantity of a product is less than 0.5 units, it is shown as “0” or “-“.

What is the change of the customs statistics country?

Before 2007: national code 349 for Serbia and Montenegro;

Since 2007, the national code 358 represents Serbia and the country code 359 represents Montenegro.

In addition, the national code 357 was added to the faroe islands in 2007.