095月 2017




China’s exports continue to be No.1

According to Brazil media reported on April 15th, the World Trade Organization released a report on Tuesday, the report shows that China’s exports are still ranked first, followed by the United States and Germany. Unlike Brazil, in 2014, the export sales of China and Germany continue to rise, which also makes the total profit of exports continue to grow. Data from foreign trade analysis.

However, in the world’s 30 largest exporter, Brazil’s exports are the worst. Brazil’s exports fell by 7% (the largest decline in the number of countries in the world), in addition, in the overall ranking of Brazil fell by three, ranking the twenty-fifth place in the world’s top 30. This is the export volume of Brazil for the first time since 2009 decline, the ranking is the lowest ranking in Brazil since 2004. In 2014, Brazil, the world’s seventh largest economy, was ranked by Malaysia, Thailand and beyond.

But Malaysia, Thailand and Switzerland have far less GDP than Brazil. According to foreign trade analysis reports, the international monetary fund export trade data shows that Malaysia, Thailand and Switzerland in the world’s total economy ranked thirty-fifth, respectively, 32 and 20. The World Trade Organization said that due to the port freight volume contraction in Brazil’s participation in world export sales decreased from 1.3% to 1.2%. In this regard, the government of Brazil believes that the international economic crisis is an important reason leading to poor export situation in Brazil, the report data also show that Brazil’s exports have been lower than the world average. Although Brazil’s exports fell by 7%, the world’s total exports rose by more than 1%.

In 2014, Brazil’s imports exceeded exports for the first time since 2000, with a trade deficit of nearly $4 billion. The total of the Brazilian Roberto Azevito director of the World Trade Organization said that the WTO hopes global import export data all over the world to slowly recover. Many economists believe that in 2015 the world economy exports will rise by 3.3%, higher than last year’s $2.8%. In 2016, the growth rate will reach 4%. If the goal is to be achieved, it will be very beneficial to the world economy – the global trade has grown by less than 3% in the past three years.

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