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How to use the data platform to quickly find the trade information I want to know?

A. Search by product keyword
You can focus on your product keywords in the search box to search, such as the United States and Pakistan.
B. Search by HS code
If you have determined the exact HS code of the product, you can search directly with HS code. The HS code of each country in the world will be different and change. The first six countries are unified.

Is not every country's data can see the buyers and sellers of information?

No. Each country according to the policy can be open to the information is limited, but also different, such as the United States can see the buyers and sellers of information, and Chile can only see the Chilean importer information.

The data can be exported?

According to our cooperation program, we can provide data into EXCEL and PDF format to meet the needs of different users.

Why the customs data disclosure of the country only 26 countries

Countries do not have the same legal provisions, and some countries allow public customs data, and some countries do not allow open customs data to allow public disclosure of customs data to be less than the same. Up to now, we have got 26 countries customs data, is the market can get the most national customs data company.

Why some companies that can provide more than 200 countries of the customs data

There are currently only 26 countries that are allowed to disclose customs data. Some companies say that customs data can be provided in more than 200 countries, either by statistical data posing as customs data, or by the list of buyers impersonating customs data. Importers in customs data are records of real transactions and all importers are real purchases And the statistics are no importers, buyers directory is not a real purchase, the three are essentially different.

Why the customs data does not purchase the mailbox and other contact details

The original bill of lading or declaration only contains the name of the enterprise, address, telephone and other information, the buyer’s mailbox, etc. are generally not included. But in order to facilitate the user to use, we in the data platform to match some of the contact information, and an increase of more than 200 countries worldwide buyers directory services (most of the mailbox), part of the problem to solve the importer mailbox.

How can I use customs data to develop customers

We recommend targeted development, rather than a one-time random mass. First of all, using our data platform, screening analysis for your company’s real buyers, such as 100, and then think of ways to contact the development of targeted.

Why the Chinese analysis report no foreign buyers

China analysis report is the Chinese customs according to the results of statistical summary of the data, does not contain foreign buyers or suppliers. If you need foreign buyers, it is recommended to buy global customs data.

Registered successfully but why did not receive activation mail?

Please check your mailbox in the trash, if not please contact customer service.

Forget how to do password?

Please enter the login mailbox and then select the forgotten password, and then follow the platform prompts to retrieve the password.

Popular FAQ

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US data in the end is the bill of lading data, manifest data, or off the data?

US data is the automated manifest system data (AMS), which includes the contents of the bill of lading and manifest.
In the case of a bill of lading, the bill of lading is the certificate of the ownership of the goods; the manifest is a list of goods that are submitted to the customs and that is true and accurately reflects the loading of the goods; the customs is the legal procedure for the goods to be handled by the customs for customs clearance. US data contains the contents of the bill of lading and manifest, does not contain the contents of the order.

What does the informant in the US data mean?

The informing party is actually the notified party. When the goods arrive at the port of destination, the carrier issues the Arrival Notice to the informant at the first time. The notifying party is the agent authorized by the importer of the goods, on behalf of the importer waiting for the carrier to inform the arrival of the specific circumstances of the goods.

Why does the bill of lading do not contain air transport data?

According to the relevant provisions of the current US law, air transport information is not allowed to open to the public. At present, we provide US data only contains the US shipping transaction information, does not contain air and land transport transaction information. Inforvellor will always be concerned about the relevant laws of the United States, once the public air or road, rail trading information, we will be the first time to provide customers.