245月 2017




Import and export data in May

Feb 8th, the General manager of customs data services released in May of foreign trade data, import & export data were lower than expected. General manager of customs data services showed that according to the RMB, in May China’s total import and export value of 2 trillion and 50 billion yuan, down by 0.6%. Among them, the export of 1 trillion and 190 billion yuan, down by 3.2%, worse than expected decline of $0.8%, imports of $860 billion 600 million, an increase of 3.2%, while previously expected to be $5%.

China foreign trade data exports pilot index also fell slightly, in May China’s foreign trade data export pilot index was 35.6, the end of the second consecutive month of recovery momentum, down slightly from last month’s 0.2. Given that there is no further acceleration of economic growth at home and abroad, and global demand recovery is limited, it is expected that the trade outlook remains challenging.

As to look into China, the first 10 months of the growth of imports and exports of EU, ASEAN, Japan and other trading partners, the U.S. import & export data declined, the European Union, the United States and ASEAN respectively in China, the first second, the third largest trade partner. Lianxun securities analysis report, near the end of the year, the global economy is facing the U.S. presidential election, the Fed rate hike and Italy referendum uncertainties may bring some negative impact on short-term export. In May new export orders index was 49.2 in the PMI industry, following the re to Kurong line, also confirmed the external demand is still great uncertainty.

However, although the May import & export data both behind expectations, the results still give warm autumn fair. With the continuous structural adjustment, the major economies, into the reconstruction of the global value chain, to “consumer – producer – China Resources” as the core of the chain of Global trade circulation has undergone major changes, major economies in economic policy “anti globalization” become increasingly serious, profound changes in economic globalization path.

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