235月 2017




Import Export Data Analysis By Commerce Expert

General Administration of customs data show that in the first 8 months of this year, China export trade data value of RMB 15 trillion and 670 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year (the same below) decreased by 7.7%. August exports of -5.5%, imports of -13.8%. The reason for the “double down”, believe that there are two main, from the demand point of view, the current world economy at a low ebb, on the one hand, the European economy is in crisis and make it inextricably bogged down in Ukraine, Greece, the economic crisis and the refugee problem one disaster after another. On the other hand, although the U.S. economy has improved to some extent, but did not drive other major economies. From the industrial point of view, the international division of labor. With the increase of various elements, China cost declining demographic dividend, labor-intensive industries positive transfer in Southeast Asia and South Asian countries, in addition, the manufacturing industry in developed countries also appeared in return, exports had a two-way pull pressure on China. At the same time, in August the Tianjin port explosion also more or less affect delivery, import and export data.”

Facing the dilemma of foreign trade analysis, Bai Ming pointed out, first of all, China by “The Belt and Road platform to expand the international space, the use of” The Belt and Road “create opportunities. But “Belt and Road Initiative” vision and action is a long-term plan, not immediate. The urgent task is to accelerate the construction of China and South Korea, China and Australia Free Trade Area, China and South Korea FTA is the highest gold Free Trade Zone, while the formation of a complementary Sino Australian, the two FTA will gradually bring into effect the development of dividends. Third, to play the role of Shanghai FTA, gradually improve in the pilot basis, to promote replication.

Translated by Inforvellor team.

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