055月 2017




Latin American region’s first overseas cooperation Park

Recently, in the 10th session of Chinese – Latin American Entrepreneur Summit held during the exhibition industry Chinese – Latin American cooperation, bilateral economic and trade cooperation Park as the show only a foreign special booth, attracting a large number of professional audience. Although this is the first time in Chinese officially unveiled, but the person in charge of the city or Industrial Park attracted many domestic enterprises on behalf of domestic industry.

“In recent years, Chinese and Latin American, global Import Export data trade has made considerable development, investment and trade cooperation continue to expand, more closely, in the Latin American region to establish overseas cooperation park is represent the general trend of Latin American trade enterprises, such investment in urgent need of industrial centers and integrated service platform.” The implementation of enterprise cooperation Park — pull economic and trade limited company president yuan column said in an “China trade news” interview with reporters, bilateral economic and trade cooperation park’s goal is to become the first high-level overseas cooperation park approved the Ministry of Commerce Chinese fourteenth, Latin america.

For example, many small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin America and did not have the strength or energy to the Canton Fair this large-scale exhibition platform of “Taobao” and negotiations, bilateral economic and trade cooperation park can create the doorstep, regular ‘fair’, ‘let more Chinese manufacturing “into Latin america. This is just a manifestation of the exhibition functions of the exhibition.” Yuan column said, the park is a two-way cooperation Park, not only to help Chinese products, services and funds to enter the Latin American market, but also to become a springboard for Latin American companies to achieve cooperation with china.

In addition, in order to combine Brazil and Latin American industrial upgrading and supply chain integration and optimization of global demand, and Latin American business ecosystem to achieve integration, bilateral economic and trade cooperation zone will vigorously promote the complementary capacity of bilateral cooperation, to promote the depth of integration and bilateral transfer capacity China advantage industry supply chain. Yuan column introduction, bilateral economic and trade cooperation Park currently has two production bases in Brazil and the state of Minas Amazonas, Manaus free trade zone. According to the deepening of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, combined with China and Pakistan, as well as the demand for production capacity, China and Latin American economic and trade cooperation park will also create a more industrial gathering effect of the Latin American production base.

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