235月 2017




rapid development of shipping market

In the context of the world economic slowdown, in 2016 the global demand for container transport continues to show a low growth trend. According to Clarkson predicted that in 2016 the annual global container shipping data volume of about 181 million TEU, an increase of 3.4%, although the growth rate increased by 1.1 percentage points, but still lower than the growth rate of 1.5 percentage points in 2014. Transport capacity, Clarkson expects 2016 capacity will reach 20 million 479 thousand TEU, an increase of 3.7%, the growth rate slowed by 4.4 percentage points.

In 2016 the cargo market, experienced a up and down trend change. The first three quarters, at low levels. In the first quarter, a number of trunk routes to achieve a record low tariff, the price of Asian and European routes and even fell below $100 /TEU. Shipment data exchange released import & export data container freight index, also in March reached its lowest point since the index released. At the end of the three quarter, the price began to rise significantly. In addition to the traditional “Christmas season” pull factors, the impact of the South Korea sea into the bankruptcy process and the impact of the RMB exchange rate fluctuations on foreign trade analysis stimulation is also an important factor.

However, regardless of seasonal factors or other factors, these factors are time limited, and can not be simply regarded as the market tends to “health”. The overall level of the current market price is still low. There is no sign of a reversal in the fundamentals of the world’s major markets, and growth in major economies is still low. In addition, in a period of time, the market there is a structural gap between supply and demand, by 2018 the market is still impressive growth in new capacity.

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