Global Trade Data

Inforvellor has 26 series of national trade data, providing import and export trade data, supporting business to market, price, competition analysis, for enterprises to establish business intelligence application system to provide solutions.

China import export data

Inforvellor provide China import export data, China import export data is a powerful weapon for enterprise analysis industry macro market.

China Import-Export Trade Data

Inforvellor delivers web-based access to China’s import and export trade data. Details include HS codes, product descriptions, values, trading partner countries, and more.

Looking for the details of Chinese companies engaged in trade? Inforvellor is pleased to offer trade data reports sourced from a trusted partner that details the buyers, sellers and their activities in China’s cross-border commerce.


Peer Analysis

Accurate analysis of peers exports to each country the amount, quantity, average price.

Country Analysis

Ten major countries of origin, the top ten countries ... timely detection of emerging market growth.

Product Tendency Analysis

Monitor more than 200 countries, tracking the flow of world trade!
USA import export data

Inforvellor providing USA import export data, including container specifications, TEU, weight in kilograms and metric tons.
The US imports commodities and merchandise from over 240 distinct geographic markets. Inbound shipments may be headed for US consumer markets or moving along global supply lines that crisscross national borders.
With our import export data USA free, you can uncover the workings of this global economic engine: the who, what, when and where of US trade with the rest of the world.

india import export data

Inforvellor has a strong Indian customs database, a one-stop solution for your business, and we also provide detailed information about India’s import and export company, global statistical report, HS code and everything you need.

Interested in learning about in India import and export?

Inforvellor offers trade data that identifies buy- and sell-side of Indian import-export trade data. These reports contain a wealth of detailed trade information. Contact us to learn what fields are included with India trade data and what market intelligence you can gather with access.


Enterprise analysis

Enter the products you are interested in, and all real importers / exporters in the Indian data are presented in 100% accurate, complete and timely.

Country Analysis

The report shows India's import and export products in the global flow, country of origin, destination ...

Product Tendency Analysis

Browse inforvellor's India import and export data to see the amount, quantity, weight, etc. of the search product for each month.