204月 2017




US economy is expected to affect the global economy

U.S Commerce Department released export trade data show that the U.S economic growth rate in the third quarter hit a record high of nearly two years, showing strong growth momentum. Economists and investors are optimistic about the outlook for the US economy, and that the new president Trump’s policy tendency “could make the economy into a new growth cycle foreign media that Trump will inherit a bright American economy, but Chinese expert Liu Yuanchun in November 30th to accept the “Global Times” reporter that the global import export data should not be over interpreted in the third quarter, but for Chinese, the US economy will stimulate chinese experts.

The “Wall Street journal” reported that in November 30th, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced the November 29th local time, U.S. gross domestic product in the third quarter of this year (GDP) correction value, annual growth rate of 3.2%, higher than the initial value of 2.9%, more than 3% of the average Wall Street economists estimate. This is the U.S. economy in the last two years the highest value of the quarterly growth rate. The U.S. Department of Commerce usually based on continuous custom data services for the 3 quarter GDP data estimates, this is the first time the third quarter data released the first amendment, the final value will be released in December 22th.

Optimism about the U.S. economic outlook after the U.S. presidential election is expected to have pushed the U.S import export trade market and the dollar index rose 3 consecutive weeks of strong. In November 30th, the Asia Pacific stock market performance, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3250.03 points, down 1%, the Nikkei index rose 0.01%. U.S. stocks opened the day was up, the Dow rose 0.37% by foreign trade analysis experts.

Renmin University of China National Development Strategy Institute executive director Liu Yuanchun told the “Global Times”, the United States in the third quarter economic growth was better than expected, in addition to consumption and export performance is good, the stability of the financial environment is also an important reason. But Liu Yuanchun believes that the export trade data in the United States in the third quarter to the good can not explain what, “in contrast to the third quarter, the first quarter economic growth was only 1.1%, showed a remarkable quarter volatility”.

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