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Tradedigits provides global macroscopic trade data of the majority of global trade countries such as the United States, Mexico, Russia, China, India, etc. for the majority of users. Our customs data can help companies find potential target markets, so as to achieve long-term business relationships. It also helps companies sustain their operation, develop and be cost-effective for a longer period of time.


Market Analysis

Real-time updated customs data helps users dynamically analyze the market growth status of target countries in recent years and understand your market share.

Risk Assessment

World trade is full of risks. Our ocean bill of lading data allows you to be objectively clear of the supplier's detailed transaction records and understand their authenticity and adaptability.

Be Clear of The Target Market

Through tracking target market buyers and their transaction records, it is possible to discover changes in the market demand of a certain product among a buyer's procurement products.

More Complete Understanding Of The Dynamics Of Competitors/Potential Customers

Combined with authoritative customs data and business information data of 249 countries and regions, 11.4 million unique buyers and more than 27.06 million kinds of goods, are all at your fingertips!


Find new business opportunities by viewing the trade activities of your trade partners or competitor.


By search criteria such as a region name, a country or other criteria, you can quickly screen a list of potential customers.


By the trade statistics, you could master the market situation and make smart business strategies, thus boost your business.


When a company wants to sell its products to the customs market, the accurate target market is the key.


You can view the e-mail addresses or phone numbers of thousands of company contacts.


Through customs data, customer quality analysis and customer import situation analysis can be seen at a glance?

Accurately And Quickly Grasp The Core Value Of Trade Intelligence

Analysis report contains detailed and comprehensive market information about your product. It analyses brand, model, type and other specification of your product.

Product Trading Trends Analysis

Powerful reporting function allows you to find a global trend in import and export business activities.

Buyer / Supplier Analysis

Detailed trade information of your partners or competitors enables you to find new business opportunities.

Origin / Destination Country Analysis

We make cross-regional and inter-regional analysis of the circulation of global products in various countries.

Port Of Shipment / Port Of Arrival Analysis

Import and export port statistics let you know the goods shipment direction, shipping route and main market location.

Authenticity of customs data

all the information from customs, real, accurate, comprehensive and detailed record of each customer and complete trade records of their peers.

Accurate market analysis

Accurately determine the specific trading products, total transactions of your peers and customers through the data.


Global Export Import Customs Data Intelligence.

International business intelligence data information platform can meet the foreign trade enterprise for trade environment, competitors, trade strategy for comprehensive control and the need for global market research, the platform integration of data analysis, integration of the business management, marketing, import and export trade data around the world as the core, help enterprises to find customers, monitor competitors, analysis of trade flows.

15.63million accurate foreign buyers, a total of more than 600 million authentic data of customs import declarations of different countries, more than 249 countries and regions' real buyer resources, specialized customs data analysis report forms, and a simple user interface. All these make it convenient and efficient to develop foreign customers.

Evaluate New Markets

Research regional & global markets and maximize your business profit.

Monitor Competitors

Track trading activities of your competitors and analyse the competition.

Find Importers Exporters

Find potential importers & exporters of your product in international market.