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China Customs Data, also called China Customs Import and Export Data, is based on China’s import and export statistics including import and export type, quantity, amount, unit price, HS code, goods desc., date, origin country, customs ports, trade type, trans. type, transship countries, company codes, contact information (email address, contacts, telephone, fax, address, etc.), and other contents.
The data shows China’s import and export enterprises names through their trade activities details, gives analysis reports of foreign trade enterprises’ performances in different industries, predicts global market distributions, and enables comprehensive monitoring of the import and export industry.


China Custom Data

  • Find out details of each B/L of goods registered in China Customs Data.
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  • Increase a profit by 25%. Our trade data helps you choose out goods of high margin & high popularity, find suitable buyers, develop wide markets, make right quotation and understand market demands.
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  • Chinese customs data reveals the detailed international trade activities of Chinese companies, helping you to understand China's import and export business in depth.

About China Export Data

China’s export customs data is an important market research resource for viewing the actual situation of China's export business. It provides comprehensive information on every shipment that is exported from China by sea, air or land. China export data is usually updated on about the middle or the end of each month. The Chinese Export Report contains details of Chinese exporters, the products they export, the quantity of exports, the value of exports, the country of production and sales, and other shipping details; this is crucial to defeating competitors and maintaining their leading position.

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The Characteristics of China Import and Export Customs Data

The China Customs data is based on the eight-digit statistical data of China's import and export. Through analysis, sorting and statistics, it becomes a powerful weapon for the company to analyze the macro market of the industry, locate the global market, and comprehensively monitor the import and export of peers.

Comprehensive and complete

It comprehensively includes statistics on import and export transactions for all products transacted between China and over 200 other regions in the world.

Dynamic and timely

According to the official data releasing time, the data platform timely provides last month’s or previous data and is updated in real time to ensure the data timeliness.

International market monitoring

Based on big data, we intelligently push buyers, customers, and peers to instant messages to detect and monitor your international market.

Advantages Of China Customs Data

Tradedigits provides the industry analysis report and the original customs bill of lading data query function. The main import market analysis report is created by the product name or the 8 digits HS code; industry analysis report has 6 main sections including trend analysis, transaction details, port bill of lading statistics, global purchasing area, volume and price trend analysis, purchaser and supplier list which is a powerful tool to help foreign trade enterprises to further market trade analysis.

Monitor Your Competitors

Dynamically track and monitor your competitors' trade trends in a timely manner. Gain insight into your rival's transaction records, their business structure, their production and operation situation, and their supply frequencies and cycles.


The products that you are interested in are in the global market and you need a precise understanding of purchasing amounts, quantities, and purchase unit prices.


Monitor target market changes, master the competition’s distribution, and monitor your competitors’ operation conditions. We help enterprises make intuitive judgments and analyses of hot products by helping you understand.

Understand The Price Changes

Understand the price changes of the products you care about in a timely way. Understand the shipping price changes, analyze product price change trends, and take the initiative in negotiations with customers.

Maintain old customers

Dynamic tracking of the old customers who have cooperated, and timely understanding of each purchase record of the old customers, some countries can even see the same purchase price of the same product to each supplier.

Reduce business risk index

Track all customer transactions, understand their authenticity and suitability, judge customer's authenticity, and reduce the chance of trade fraud.