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Whenever a cargo ship enters in Russia from any part of the world, we are receiving the every shipment detail including bill of lading and other shipment data of Russia from our trusted sources. We collect import data of Russia from them and check its accuracy thoroughly. The trade statistics of Russia import is available on any product that is imported by sea or air to all Russian ports from foreign countries.

We are the most reliable source from where you can access 100% correct Russia trade data. Our import data of Russia is entirety based on shipment records and custom details. So, you can subscribe with us to get the Russia import data by requesting a demo or sample and getting our trade data of Russia on trial.

We provide Russia trade data, search Inforvellor trade database for accessing specific trade information such as List of Russian Importers, Total Value, Quantity and so on. The following data columns are available in the import data of Russia.


Russia Trade Data Advantages

Through the track of trading records, statistical analysis, can be found that changes in the trading in this product, the dynamic analysis of the growth of the product, real-time adjustment of product sales strategy, seize market opportunities.

Master the trade dynamics of Russian importers and suppliers

Inforvellor database, search the Russian importers trading records, quickly grasp its suppliers, product types and volume of information, such as find Russia’s trading partners, such as China and the United States, Germany, India, Russia’s trade, expanding the international market in a timely manner.

Dynamic monitoring of Russian exporters trading records

Because of the fierce competition, especially newcomers, it is very difficult to enter new markets. To this end, we report about the product, pricing, the local market and foreign market information and help for foreign trade enterprise competitor analysis report, reduce business risk.

State - enterprise analysis makes world trade easier

Through state – enterprise figure, show countries and direct relationship of import and export business, simple illustrations allows you to quickly understand the country of origin corresponding suppliers, and suppliers corresponding exporters, in today’s information change in the international market, inforvellor provides the most simple and effective way, to meet customers’ various needs.

Our customer base

Inforvellor is an enterprise development is very rapid, we provide the most accurate of the Russian import and export data, with the most preferential price service the masses of customers, gained wide praise from customers



Easy to find global sellers
Monitor peer shipping records
Tracking buyers in real time


Quickly find quality suppliers
Average price direction analysis
Monitor and evaluate suppliers closely

Research institutions

Accurate and reliable source of data
Research international market capacity
The macro market is deeply divided

Logistics enterprises

The latest list of import and export enterprises
Track the throughput of the company's goods
Master the shipping route of the enterprise