Tradedigits shows the value of Imports of Goods to Russia 2018

Russia is located in northeast Europe and northern Asia, ranking 19th among the world’s importers. Russia mainly imports machinery, vehicles, pharmaceutical products, plastics, semi-finished metal products, meat, fruit and nuts, optical and medical instruments, iron, and steel. The Russian import data provided by Tradedigits contains information about Russian importers and exporters of foreign countries. It is convenient for enterprises to accurately track the Russian market, find cooperative customers, and master Russia’s overall market situation.

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Russian Buyers database

Tradedigits fully integrates multi-national customs resources, forming a real-time customs transaction database of 20 countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and accurate and active buyers database in more than 200 regions. It has a well-developed data platform by its technical teams to enable our customers to get the most accurate and largest amount of trade information data in the fastest and most convenient way.
Whether you are looking for new international partners or monitoring the changes of your competitors, we will be your most effective source of information!
Tradedigits integrates customer resources in 20 countries around the world, enabling one-click search and query. It not only allows users to find target markets and tens of millions of buyers, but also helps users to clearly track their flow of goods and easily track the buyers and analyze whether the importers are end buyers or just middlemen.

Russia's Import Data Business Advantages

Using Russian import data can bring benefits to your business in various ways. Understand current market trends in Russia by understanding the shipping records of your competitors. There are several commercial benefits to using Russian import data.

If you own and operate an export business and want to sell your products to the Russian market, our import data is a good helper.

Through Russia's purchase data, you can track every shipment of Russian goods and understand the needs of the current market.

If you have just entered the Russian market and you are planning to expand your business, Russian trade data will help you to select the right buyers.

Russian Federation Top 4 Import Partners

China share

Trade (US$ Mil)

Germany share

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United States share

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Belarus share

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